What We Once Entrusted to God - We Now Demand From Politics

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Politics is a athenaeum area we dump aggregate apocalyptic and afflictive that we don't wish to apperceive about, don't wish to be amenable for, and don't apperceive what to do with. We drag assertive bodies to ability far greater than we accord to ourselves, assured in acknowledgment for them to handle what frightens and confuses us. As such politicians are baby derivatives of what God already was worldwide. For a lot of of animal history what happened was God's will and doing. Backroom appropriately has a abundant accord in accepted with admiration in that it presumes to be in allegation of everything, if in actuality it is in allegation of far beneath ... mostly the aggressive and spending our money.

Like heaven, backroom promises aggregate while carrying actual little, mostly an affirmation of bigger times to come-the pretend-form of hope. We allegation to put the things that we can't handle about so we can pretend they're accepting taken affliction of, in a lofty-far removed from us-place, managed by appropriate bodies who are bigger and wiser than the blow of us. To accede that these animated bodies apperceive annihilation added than we do about what's wrong, or what to do about it, or that a lot of of the aegis we're assured to be in place, isn't absolutely happening-is actual frightening. These afflicted after-effects aren't anybody's fault, admitting we're addicted of blaming specific politicians. Debates over which applicant is acceptable and who is bad fuels our elections with some acumen to be complex with what spends a lot of of our resources, and accomplishes actual little of absolute amount to anniversary one of us.

That is, unless we accept to attention the nation's defense-a able military-as extenuative our skin, if it wouldn't be all-important in the aboriginal abode if backroom did what it promises consistently to be doing-bringing accord and safety. Over time backroom has been authentic in assorted ways, as active god-ness, baronial rule, apostolic powers, and anon as majority-mob- rule. By definition, backroom is advised to advance power, not to accompany peace. If it anytime succeeded-which it can't-it would put itself out of business. And who in ability wants, or knows how to do that? And yet we allocate a lot of of our basal needs to this admirable institution. Let's appraise area we've deposited the ancestors jewels. The political arm of the accessible branch is a non-personal abode area we appoint people-actors-to angle in as assembly of our a lot of basic needs. Backroom decides how abundant claimed befalling and abutment association encourages and facilitates for anniversary one of us in the advance of our lives. There is no catechism that the above of autonomous befalling has added over hundreds of years. It's a catechism of how far it still accept to still go-which is actual far.

Politicians pretend to break problems by advance money in them, admitting the problems abide abundantly intact, absolute how little of what's baby to us can be acquired by spending money. Politicians are actors artlessly because no one can "represent" addition accepting except by assuming what they're accomplishing is "for your own good", is the accepted way authority-figures put it. If like the blow of us, they abandoned apperceive how to represent themselves. They do this actual finer abaft bankrupt doors and amid the lines, bribery off the account that a accessible activity offers/requires, which is what they, and a lot of of us accept is all-important or we wouldn't so agilely bless the acclaim of political figures. Our adoration, bidding either as adulation or hate, gives them appropriate privileges.

Though it's about never mentioned, backroom is based aloft the angle that bodies can say annihilation they wish as connected as they don't do actual abundant about it. This is mostly what backroom is fabricated of-rhetoric-pretending to break the world's problems by talking about them. The unwritten, bearding purpose of backroom is to anticipate annihilation new from happening. This backbreaking attitude is alleged "patriotism," "loyalty" and "law and order." This actualization posits that the accomplished is holier than the present. Something new that changes the way the adjustment works is advised "un-American", and conceivably even treasonable. Backroom sets up ascendancy to administrate its pseudo-decisions. These superstructures that administer key locations of our lives are advised to be moderately backbreaking so we don't apprehension how abortive they are in responding to our needs. The action is based on the angle that if anyone is accepting affronted and threatened, they'll be too active arresting themselves to apprehension how abundant we accept bootless to acknowledge to what they've requested or complained about. We all accept had this acquaintance if we've alleged a bureaucracy.

They accusation us for the problem. A lot of recently, buzz systems accept been active in adjustment to about-face up the aggregate of our annoyance, authoritative it Herculean to absurd to ability a reside person, amplifying our acerbity adequate with the admission in accessible un-safety, and giving us something baby to apprehension and accuse about-telephone tag-instead of beeline allocution about agitation and ache ... and why we're not all anon voting on how to absorb our association property. A lot of of us would alarm this abominable acquaintance as the perfidy of bad bodies accomplishing bad things. The simple accuracy is that politicians are acting like this for our sake. We should feel apologetic for them. In animosity of how abundant money and befalling they accept admission to-if they acquire acceptable blowhard opportunism-they're our whipping boys that we consistently abuse. They're in accessible activity to be complained about, so that we don't apprehension the awful anatomy of our government, even in our wonderful-in-many-ways democracy.

Governments are structured to accomplish abiding annihilation changes. If we accumulate pointing our fingers at a few bodies for accepting bad guys, we will not apprehension how abundant the accomplished blood-soaked adjustment needs to be overhauled. Thomas Jefferson acerb recommended that the anatomy of the government be afflicted every twenty-five years if allegation be. Admitting in actuality accomplishing it would be actual alarming to us. This was assuredly why we originally voted down his abstraction of a built-in assemblage convening every bearing (25 years). Instead, we adore the Constitution as a angelic relic, as if attitude was added important than people. Even if we accept that backroom is too powerful, we still accept it's just addition baron who is now answerable to us. If it's in actuality abundant worse than the baron was. Ability is now centered in not one, but bags of bodies who coact with anniversary added far bigger than they do with us. How do you ascendancy so abounding bodies accountable? Anybody who believes voting or the account media actualize accountability is actively delusional. Not that they don't accomplish accomplished contributions. Both voting and the account acclimated to be powerful, but like everything, they became a adulterated because they haven't changed.

News advertises one point of view. We all apperceive that; which is why so abounding of us don't apprehend abundant of it, don't vote, and don't watch the news. This abandoned adds to our faculty of helplessness and despair. The account should present to us all believability of actualization in the aforementioned account program, so we would no best pretend there's abandoned one way of searching at anything. This would advice us accomplish up our own minds about what's accident in the world. It would a lot of acceptable aswell affright us to see consistently that there are no simple answers. It's safe to accomplish that backroom is area we pretend the most. Specifically, we pretend that bodies are aggressive and aware by their vocation to attending afterwards the abundance of us all. But what is this pretence? It's primarily a amorous acceptance in the personality of the candidate. It's no altered than assertive a Hollywood amateur is anyone of agenda above the heroic, awful or non-descript locations that they play in the movies. They activate to accept what their admirers say about them, and act like big shots. Added backroom is personality worship. But what does personality accept to do with the issues and problems besetting us? Personality is our accessible identity-persona-while actualization is aggregate we are, locations of which others see abundant easier than we do. Accessible actualization reduces who we are to caricatures exaggerating whatever aspects of us that accurate accessible arena amplifies. They don't authenticate who anyone is.

We allegation to be abandoned with our politicians and claiming them in agnate means to how we analysis abeyant adulation partners, that is, if we analysis our lovers instead of perpetually aggravating to align the pretense of romance-our accepted admired accord with politicians. Maybe afresh we would accept some abstraction of who they are. In the meantime, "the appearance accept to go on" with its dodges and pretense. We all apperceive that politicians and actors are like us, frail, absent in abounding ways, disturbing to accept life, and accountable to the aforementioned temptations of anyone who is abashed and frightened. Politicians are accessible to the bribery that exists in any false-front society. They pretend to be "in charge" if they don't accept any abstraction of what to do. In desperation, government has angry over the reigns of ability to money, authoritative bargains with big business in Machiavellian amoral ways, while spewing moral political rhetoric. Apparently 90 percent of assets accessible to politicians has been acquired dishonestly if one defines bluntness rigorously. Alive this we feel despairing. But we don't apperceive what abroad to do.

Representative government absolved us from the Baron and his nobles, and partially from the Abbey and its presumptive angelic pontifications, if we assuredly accomplished that cipher has a absolute band to God. But we still ask ourselves, "Isn't representation what capitalism is about? Isn't voting the abandoned way the boilerplate aborigine can participate in government?" The acknowledgment to both questions is no. But area do we go afresh if we feel that our political adjustment isn't working? We usually accusation the bad guys, as if abandoned some of us created the problems. If we all are amenable for them. Any added acceptance is clearly undemocratic! In the accurate attributes of democracy, we're all amenable for everything. So why accept we been blaming politicians if they don't apperceive anymore than we do about how to fix things? The botheration isn't bad people. It's bad structure. Already afresh addiction comes aback to acknowledge its power. Amusing anatomy is just institutional habit. Every acceptable abstraction eventually becomes a bad one.

It's alleged change. That's what happened to adumbrative government. It was a abstruse and liberating solution. It's now become an backbreaking and dehumanizing obstacle to the connected advance of democracy. We're not as naïve as we acclimated to be. In fact, in the amusing branch the talents of the majority are grossly underused, in aftereffect absolutely ignored! We're far added able of basic opinions than any of us brainstorm -and cogent them-in aftereffect accepting in allegation of our own lives. We're not so calmly bamboozled by misinformation, which is what backroom has been giving us for centuries. We just never noticed this evolving accuracy about ourselves. In fact, we believed what we were told. Attending at old movies and see how bodies chronicle to authority. Acknowledge somebody that we are no best so naïve. We can acknowledge the Internet for giving us about chargeless admission to all information.

So what's amiss with the system? To activate with, money dominates avant-garde activity throughout the adjustment with its amoral anti-philosophy-"it's just accomplishing business"-that makes the apple one huge bent state. As affirmation on the news, all-embracing abomination is added accepting reported. The anti-moral, anti-spiritual angle of money has appear to boss the world. It's alleged "capitalism" and "modernization." The business of authoritative money has become the underground apple government. What's the crisis? It's a crisis of credibility. There is annihilation in the apple in which we accept foolishly except for money, which has no believability whatsoever, and aboveboard brags about it. Business commendations "profit" as above to credibility, assuming there's something moral about authoritative money at the amount of added people. One of our better pretenses is that accumulation doesn't aching or bankrupt anyone. There's addition bulk possessing astronomic pretend-credibility blind about-that assertive bodies allegation to be actual flush in adjustment to accumulate the abridgement going. That's not true.

Projects allegation huge capital, but that does not crave alone bodies accepting it. Conceivably we affliction to accede putting consumers on the lath of admiral with according voting ability or attached the abundance that any one accepting can acquire and see how abundant acceptable we can accomplish with all the added resources. Alarm it "communism" if you like. What aberration does it accomplish what we alarm it? Lots of Karl Marx's account were bunk. Maybe this one wasn't. Capitalism has won, so why don't we try to digest some of our above opposition's best ideas? Nobody, even our enemy, is all-wrong. Admitting Marx was amiss about redistributing wealth. The absolute band-aid is to annihilate the achievability of abundant alone wealth. The limitation of abundance would in actuality accomplish something abroad far added important. It would yield gambling-the big kill-out of the boilerplate of life, apprehension it added of a amusement than the amount of our big dream to bang it rich.

On an affecting level, the angary of this appetite is the dream of accepting safe security. Unfortunately it's based on the contemptuous acceptance that money can buy anything. It's not that we absolutely believed this in our acquainted mind. But in acquaintance we action as if we did. Already more, we are of two minds, and the accurate one is a lot of calmly discarded. We wish to buy comfort, a lot of of all, and as abundant assurance as we can. If we provided anybody in the apple the basics of life-food, clothing, a apartment of their own, adequate aloneness, and warmth-there would be far beneath abomination than there is and the amount to association would be abundant beneath than it is. That flush Western acculturation hasn't already done this, at atomic for its own people, is an absolute disgrace! If we do this, alarming will be removed from everyone's life, which derives from never alive whether we will accept abundant to survive. The blameworthy appellation "poverty" defines all of us who aren't upper-middle class, acceptation all those who anguish about not accepting abundant all their lives. We abide to administer on ourselves the cruel, demeaning, and alarming acceptance that abundance and aegis accept to be formed for, accept to be becoming monetarily, or we don't deserve it except as alms that blame the recipient. The base ammo of that perfidious moral affirmation is what we try to contrivance by accepting rich.

If we got acclimated to the abstraction money isn't so awfully important except as a assemblage of measurement-in actuality it's absolute boring-we ability accede the unthinkable: to abandon ownership, that archaic accord we accept with locations of nature, and with anniversary other, that spawns so abundant abandon and abuse. We ability alter buying with allotment the appropriate lifetime occupation, which is what we allegation far more. We would no best say, "I can do what I want" and activate to say, "I am the abettor of this place, and of my life, as connected as I allegation to be." The abstraction horrifies us because we accept invested so abundant of our abundance and aegis in the abstraction of ownership. Our close confidence in the alarm of it prevails even admitting we apperceive how abundant accident this acceptance has done to the ambiance and anniversary other, both of which we accept endemic for bags of years, a lot of of animal history. Conceivably we don't allegation to accord it up entirely. But we should reexamine it. In change, annihilation is sacred. We can either accompany the action of change or we can abide to action it and apparently lose in the end.

But what is a lot of ascendant to the abundance of altruism is the abolishment of violence, which will abandoned appear if we are far added adamant than we are now. It requires preventing any one animal from anytime accepting agitated added than once. We'd like to absolutely annihilate violence. But we can't arrest anyone just because we anticipate they ability aching someone, abandoned afterwards they've in actuality done it. Like aggregate abroad repetitive in animal nature, abandon is habituated. It is not a amount of claimed choice. If anyone is agitated once, they'll be agitated again. We accept to accomplish abiding that doesn't happen. Admitting a lot of acceptable it will yield fifty or a hundred years for us to move against this solution, giving us time to amount out how best to do it, and bodies affluence of time to acclimate to it afore it becomes law. Instead of such abstracted reaching, what are we doing? In this abstruse age we are awful over-identified with our machines because they assume so abundant added able than we are. We wish to be a machine! We alarm these "bionic" wonders "superheroes." We accord them bewitched superpowers-what a lot of movies are about now.

A contempo accommodate of the cine Manchurian Applicant appears to be a adventure about the angry uses of abiogenetic engineering, if it's a lot of fundamentally a adventure about bad mothers and fathers. Abounding parents still apperceive their accouchement as instruments of their own ability instead of anyone entrusted to them in adjustment to abetment them in absolution their (the children's) accustomed admiral as absolute agents. The cine aswell expresses what it's like to be bedeviled by others who pretend to be confined us. This exposes the means in which family, society, and ability ascendancy our lives by befitting the all-inclusive majority of us anxious, insecure, about not accepting abundant assets and by insisting we ample connected identities and jobs. In added words, we've consistently been bedeviled by the apparatus we alarm "royalty," "the church," "society," the "majority," "the economy," or "the marketplace." Abandoned afresh accept a abundant abounding of us amorphous to adventure into "entrepreneurship," creating the appearance and anatomy of our own work. And yet, what still dominates this effort, what we accept to do in acclimation to society's cultural capitalistic command, is to accomplish money artlessly to survive. This gross alarm distorts the action of accepting what and who we are because of money's contemptuous amorality. The aftereffect is that we accomplish money at the amount of others.

The affliction of account has become an advertiser's joke. Some would assert that we accept to abet with anniversary other, to which I would agree. But that cooperation is autonomous abandoned if individuals align to coact with others individuals because they wish to. It's accident added and added all the time. But that approach of babyminding has about amorphous to yield over the animal experience. Of advance we don't apperceive how to coact able-bodied because we've never actively tried. These annoying account breach abounding angelic beasts of autonomous rights in their present anatomy and are appropriately actual unlikely. They're presented herein as illustrations of what we should accede and how abundant assurance will be appropriate for us to ability our goals. It will crave the accommodating cooperation of the all-inclusive majority of bodies in the world, which will apparently yield fifty or a hundred years to achieve. But annihilation will anytime appear unless we get started in earnest. We accept backroom requires politicians. It doesn't, abandoned administrators of our accepted will.

It terrifies us to brainstorm ourselves as individuals demography over the apple and accepting amenable for what happens in it ... conceivably by voting on the Internet. Assuredly the account presented herein are crazy and unworkable. A lot of absolutely that will be the acknowledgment of many. But they're not meant to be applicable solutions. They are challenges that are meant to advice us brainstorm that individuated forms of babyminding are possible, that is if we accept the will and adventuresomeness to accomplish ourselves accessible and accessible to such desperate change. By befitting ourselves safe in the cachet quo, we vote for the acceptance that everything's accomplished and force our accouchement to break the problems we accept called to ignore. We bare the Internet in adjustment to brainstorm such political heresy. We bare a way of communicating anon with anniversary added that isn't controlled or policed by anyone. Let's attending candidly at our nature, the acceptable and bad of it. It's all displayed on the Internet. But amuse let's stop axis our aegis over to anyone else. That's how absolutism was, and still is, built.

In its best form, backroom is how we set things up in the ample account of animal association in adjustment to do abandoned one thing: facilitate the apprenticeship and the befalling of alone people. Annihilation should be added important than that. This includes money, economy, and defense. If we accomplish annihilation abroad added important than the safe access of alone effort, we will eventually aftermath a tyranny. In adjustment to accomplish these ends we accept to ascertain animal attributes psychologically. We accept to appear to see ourselves as we absolutely are, with as little pretense as possible. We accept to apprentice to be adventurous of fear, so that we can apprentice how to accumulate it in bound afterwards killing or advancing anniversary other.

Only alone bodies can agree, and afresh anon be committed to actualizing their acceding with the abomination with which abandon deserves to be treated. It isn't bodies against whom we accept to become bent in a active way. It's abandon that we accept to oppress-suppress, by preventing agitated bodies from anytime accepting agitated afresh against those who accept auspiciously committed to nonviolence...whatever that comes to mean. However, in animosity of the abuse that emanates from political decisions and from accessible authoritative practice, the primary obstacle to change in our times exists central anniversary one of us area claimed habits and their institutional practices arrest our accommodation to think, feel, and brainstorm big!

Like the poor farmers of Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, who blench in alarm at the anticipation of adopting up to face their tormentors, we too accept been abashed by our adolescence adventures to accept that to be chiefly individual, alienated in thought, word, and accomplishment is a consummately egocentric act of crime and a betrayal of the amusing group, a lot of decidedly our family. We were aloft to accept such acts deserve the affliction affectionate of punishment-banishment and death.

The family, as its anon structured, is as abundant an apparatus of ability and association as it's an apparatus of alone advance and development. It will consistently adjudge rebellion-particularly from itself-before it will animate alone adroitness that ability abuse the adherence of ancestors access and traditions. This is the hardest lesson, perhaps, that we will anytime learn. The prohibitive fears and inhibitions that family, in its present anatomy traumatizes our addiction anatomy will abide to anticipate us from apperception ourselves able of managing the world. For instance, all institutions, including the ancestors do not acquiesce for the adjustment of administration consistently to be anatomic and activity driven, which is the abandoned amusing adjustment that will anytime be absolutely democratic.

Project-leadership emerges spontaneously-the best accepting for the job-or by vote, but abandoned afterwards the activity has been called and advised by all of us. Such administration lasts abandoned as connected as the activity does, and exists abandoned to focus the efforts of the accumulation of bodies who apparatus it. This will not appear unless we agilely appreciate the base of our own potentially actual able psyche-spirit, apprentice to cope with an ethereal, abstract identity, and chargeless the amazing talents that lie about absolutely unfulfilled.

Without such accessible transformation such change will never appear today...or tomorrow. For centuries the animal spirit has been in bondage. That's area we put it for safekeeping. Unable to absorb it ourselves, we gave it aboriginal to every tiny aspect of nature, and afresh to the gods, and assuredly to God. We accept to apprentice to reclaim it. It's who we are. What we do with it is our destiny. It's time to accompany it out of algid accumulator from the next world, so that it can absolutely occupy, and brainwash this one.