Spiritual But Not Religious - Is There a Political Parallel?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My aperture reflections about the political altitude in this country generated a anticipation afflictive acknowledgment from a reader. She wrote, "I'm apologetic about your discouragement re: Edwards, but am puzzled at why you would extrapolate from accident acceptance in him to accident acceptance in the accepted political process. Yes, the activity is flawed, but it's what we've got."

I accepted her concerns, decidedly because they gave me an befalling to put words on far added thoughts about the political activity than I had articulate before. The endure few years, I accept been acutely acquainted that abounding humans who accept appear to my appointment are activity anguish in absorption to political action. They feel the political activity seems so abroad and altered to them and their circadian lives. Their faculty is the political abstracts are so far removed from the realities of accepting "an accustomed person" in this country, that political battles, the ability they wield, and their apple of affair is in a affectionate of "political ivory tower," confined the interests of the affluent and the elite.

For an "ordinary person" to feel connected, and complex in the political activity requires a "handle to grab onto," that allows one to yield activity that impacts claimed and amusing change. With a two affair arrangement that can feel media apprenticed at times, to the point that the curve amid parties can become blurred or even questionable, abounding humans feel confused, alienated and accept no abstraction how to affix to the political process.

I can absolutely chronicle to these sentiments. I like to be able to "get a handle" on amusing issues, and either accompany in efforts to accomplish a difference, or if necessary, begin or co-create efforts to accomplish a aberration if I can't acquisition an accomplishment already underway. I accept appear to apprehend that there is a alongside in the way airy association has confused in this country over time with the way political association may charge to move.

While some humans still acquisition acceptation and amount in acceptable religious institutions, be they Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim or other, there has been a growing amount of humans who analyze themselves as "spiritual but not religious." This allows humans to focus on the inherent value, and the actual claimed attributes of spirituality, after accepting absent in the "political dogma" of a accurate religious institution. I accord to a Unitarian Church because it welcomes ALL airy acceptance systems, and has a able cilia of amusing amends and amusing action. I accept consistently been a acutely airy person, yet accept never articular with a above religious denomination.

Likewise, if I see the way both Democratic and Republican parties advance themselves through today's media, I generally cannot chronicle to tactics. Sometimes there are absolute differences in the positions one affair or the added takes. At added times, it appears I am just watching a media contest, area the approach of one affair mirror the approach of the other, and I don't feel adequate watching what feels like a "cat fight" or sorts.

I accept approved to ascertain my own "spiritual but not religious" agnate for political action, back I anticipate the abstraction is applicative here. I account humans who chose to analyze as Democratic and Republican, just as I account humans who chose to analyze as Catholic, Jewish, Protest, Muslim or other.

I accept begin association acclimation about able affairs (like the Boston Area Body Psychotherapy accumulation I reconstituted about 2 years ago), or autograph online writing that alarm absorption to specific issues (like the online writing I wrote about "Jenny's Law" and "Pet Renting") specific accomplish I can yield that accord humans accoutrement and handles to "take allusive action" in their own communities and their own lives. Acclimation humans into association groups and acclamation causes we can blow and act aloft as volunteers feels like the airy affection of acceptable political process. It does not accept to appear beneath the advocacy of an official political party. It can appear in any way that finer brings humans calm and empowers them to act.

If there is a way to accommodate a association acclimation accomplishment with an absolute political affair or candidate, all the better. I am actual abundant one for networking, integrating, streamlining. However, if the issues that tug at people's affection strings feel actual abstracted from the academic political channels available, why not actualize structures that will accomplish one's adapted outcome?

Perhaps, in time, there can be added of an affiliation of association acclimation efforts, with a added official political process. Surely, the way Deval Patrick got adopted as governor of Massachusetts was by bringing humans calm in a added personal, amusing network- based style. I begin myself pulled into the Patrick attack for this actual reason. My accompany and colleagues were aflame and acquainted that this was a attack area there was allowance for THEM. I met Diane Patrick at an event, and she acquainted actual absolute and human.

Likewise, I was pulled in to the John Edwards attack by seeing him allege and talking with him alone about affairs of abysmal affair to me, and seeing he had a absolute butt of the abyss of what I was talking about. He confused from accepting "an bearding figurehead" to a actual absolute getting who aggregate accepted values.

I apprehend the activity of active for admiral requires alive with huge numbers of people, and the calibration of such an accomplishment may accomplish it absurd for a applicant to abide absolute and human. And there is no way a applicant can accept even a 5 minute claimed chat with every alone aborigine in this country and apprehend his/her concerns. However, it is the actual act of personal, animal acquaintance that transforms the acquaintance of the political process. Humans like to feel affiliated in a real, actual way. Humans charge to be heard and charge to amount as individuals as able-bodied as in the collective.

Finding means to accommodate the claimed blow of association acclimation with the academic political activity is agnate to award a way for airy but not religious humans to accept the affection of their ethics heard and chip into academic religious organizations. How altered the apple would be if we could body these bridges!