Chiranjeevi's Soft Skills in India's 'Hard' Politics!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The figure of post-globalisation backroom has accustomed at last. Chiranjeevi, bargain accepted as 'Chiru' to his admirers and able-bodied wishers, assuredly put the curtains of all-overs down and plunged into the apple accepted base backroom of Andhra Pradesh, which is one of the better and alphabetically aboriginal accompaniment in India. Two easily alone can actualize claps. If the added ancillary is not in a confrontational mode, no one can do anything. The canicule of 'verbal duel' and 'provocative' backroom are not accessible with Chiranjeevi affectionate of politician. He has accepted this with his 'entry' accent into politics. He has not criticized anybody. Moreover, he has accustomed 'ideal' accent with his own 'ideas' with the celebrity aggressive by globally able-bodied accepted Amusing icons like Mother Theresa, B.R.Ambedkar, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule. He has accepted the matinee-idol angry baby-kisser Dr.N.T.Rama Rao as his ideal and declared that Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, above President of India aggressive his access into politics. National akin political parties in India like Congress and BJP are actual abundant anxious about the access of Chiranjeevi into Backroom as it may appulse abnormally on their vote bank.

Incidentally, may be these are the canicule of Politicians who accept in Hanuman globally and locally also. Barack Obama is accustomed the attribute of Hanuman with him during all his Presidential attack and assertive to become President of USA. Chiranjeevi, who started a new affair alleged 'PRAJA RAJYAM' in Andhra Pradesh, India, is aswell a allegiant addict of Hanuman. Who knows, he may become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh afterwards the advancing elections.

Chiranjeevi has projected himself as one of the a lot of 'democratic' politician, which admired him to the humans who like the appearance of active activity with 'Soft Skills'. He has asserted that he knows the beating and problems of farmers and he too did agriculture and his ancestor got 5 acreage of agriculture land. He aswell projected himself as 'apostle of solutions' to all the amusing problems. He asserted that he will acquisition out a band-aid to all the amusing and political evils with the accord from all the 'learned' politicians abutting him and aswell with due accurate studies and methods.

Post-globalisation, in the deathwatch of the appearance of IT industry in India which has created uproar beyond the apple avaricious the jobs of even Americans, Indian Managers are abounding of bendable abilities with their apprehensive presentation of themselves to the world. Indian Managers are abundant in appeal common because of their aberrant bendable abilities or familial skills, which they imbibed with their acclimatized accomplishments with ethics, ethics and behavior of Indian Society. Chiranjeevi represents these kinds of Managers who is able to administer soft-entries into harder amnion of politics. Chiranjeevi has auspiciously managed his 'grand' access into backroom with a simple columnist meet. Chiranjeevi represents this chic of average chic who are ambitious, acute alive not harder working, positive, proactive, progressive, baroque and ideal in their presentation to the public. This actual adorable and a lot of approved afterwards ambitious superior of post-globalisation has reflected in the accent of Chiranjeevi while introducing himself to the accessible as able-bodied as old bearing of politicians. Three decades of Chiranjeevi's acquaintance in the allure apple aswell helped him to present himself as the a lot of affable and abstaining baby-kisser of new age. Chiranjeevi has accomplished an active access into the apple of backroom by creating a criterion with his 'signature speech', which has abashed the old age politicians who consistently advantaged themselves in confrontational and aspersion backroom for added than six decades. Chiranjeevi's bendable abilities are so harder that even Congress leaders are administering their core not to criticize him, as he is not in analytical mode.

If one observes his affectionate of creating solid foundation and concern by continuously celebratory the acknowledgment and reactions of the accessible by sending his 'relatives' alone i.e. brother-in-law, brothers and his alone 'Mitr' Dr.Mitra to accept the 'pulse' of people's response, is absolutely like accurate way of creating a 'story line' to yield it to analytic or casuistic cessation of climax. In the additional phase, in one or two places area he abounding accessible functions, he common and asserted that he will advertise his access into backroom in appropriate time and created added all-overs a part of accessible with date and time of entry. Accessible waited anxiously as they delay for the badge access in the arena of abomination in films.

Chiranjeevi's administration qualities and allure caliber is axiomatic in the way he admiring the not so accepted leaders cum larboard addition lyricists and litterateurs like U.Sambasiva Rao, Katti Padma Rao, J.Gowtham, who represent the appetite minds of humans who are anxiously cat-and-mouse for a baton who can advice them grab ability to appearance their might. Who knows 'Mahajana Party' till it alloyed with the not yet built-in affair of Chiranjeevi? The acknowledgment to Chiranjeevi affectionate of backroom and his 'enlightening' entry, is added from the accessible or from his admirers than from his 'parent industry of glamour', which helped him actualize this affectionate of breadth with his three decades of association.

Corporate apple consistently reiterates that bendable abilities are a lot of important than 'hard skills' for a job appellant to grab a job of his or her choice. Chiranjeevi has accepted that even to backpack on with the job of entering into backroom aswell bare bendable abilities with his non-confrontational appearance of advertisement of 'enter' backroom and 'exit' cinemas.

The a lot of important bendable abilities which after-effects in 'Chiranjeevi' affectionate of success are Administration Skills, Persuasive skills, Assertive Communication Skills, Initiating Skills, Sense of acceptance and inclusiveness, Analytical abilities, Humans Management, Planning, Directing, Organising and controlling. Getting an ancient in the ancestors has its own advantage and his apprehensive and average chic ancestors accomplishments helped him to apprentice and absorb all these familial abilities from his acclimatized 'Police' ancestor and auspicious mother who added ammunition to the blaze of his dreams. Chiranjeevi aswell appear and asserted that his admirers and affair workers are getting accomplished in 'Personality Development' also, which reflected his appearance of managing politics. Chiranjeevi's attack to annals voters aswell is a assurance of his acute action to appear out as a champ in these canicule of vote politics.

Like Hanuman, his favourite God, Chiranjeevi jumped into the devilish and black amnion of Politics. He has apparent able 'Servant Leadership' qualities like Hanuman, by cogent in accessible that 'I am not your Nayak; but Sevak'. He has adopted the attribute 'Sun God' who is aswell happened to be the Guru of Hanuman. Hanuman came out auspiciously admitting he faced abounding obstacles while aerial through the sea to acquisition out Sita. The accomplished apple is watching whether Chiranjeevi will excel as a Baby-kisser with his 'cheerful' attributes in these canicule of 'cruel' politics. Hope Chiranjeevi will acquisition his dream 'pearl of power' afterwards scanning the ocean of backroom and screening the hearts of the humans and his admirers for votes to become the additional matinee idol who came to ability acquisition the a lot of manipulating oppositions of Andhra Pradesh.