Politics - Bread and Circuses

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There's an old saying: "If you wish to apperceive what's absolutely traveling on, chase the money trail."

If you do not acquire money, cyberbanking and finance, you cannot absolutely acquire politics. For the action of backroom and politicians is ultimately the accession of money and resources. Money and assets = power.

Many humans article to this statement. One of my audience said, "I grew up in the 60's during the noncombatant rights movement. That was a absolutely political and altruistic calendar that had annihilation to do with money."

In the 1960's however, the United States was actually the world's greatest bread-and-butter power. Our bill was strong. If you are abounding and strong, you feel magnanimous. In 2007, our abridgement is weak, our debt is top and our bill is declining. The accepted base and chicken political ambiance is a absorption of our country's crumbling bread-and-butter status.

The OMB predicts that by the year 2012, the civic debt of the United States will be 11.466 abundance dollars. This bulk does NOT annual for unfunded liabilities like Social Security.

The absolute bulk of dollar denominated debt (including unregistered derivatives securities) accepted has been estimated at 1.2 quadrillion dollars. That's appropriate folks. 1.2 quadrillion. The dollar has been hyper-inflated on a all-embracing scale.

How has this happened? To acquire that, you acquire to acquire how money is created and manipulated. A abundant abode to alpha is to apprehend the book alleged "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

The money we use is monetized debt. It has no amount whatsoever. Today, money is not backed by annihilation tangible, added than the "full acceptance and acclaim of the United States." What does that mean? It agency the approaching work, diaphoresis and abundance of the American people.

It is a amazing actuality that if all dollar denominated loans and debts were paid off, all of our money would disappear. Therefore, even if Congress capital to pay off the civic debt, it could not do so after antibacterial the economy!

Look at the top of any bill of any denomination, and you will acquisition "Federal Assets Note." Do you apperceive what a calendar is? It is a affiance to pay, a affidavit of debt. The money we use are just a adorned IOU's. Unfortunately, the Fed, in cooperation with Congress, has played fast and apart with our currency. If you ascertain how money is created, you will acquire the accuracy of this statement: "Money DOES abound on trees." Those who ascendancy the conception of money ascendancy the economy, and the lives of anybody in the nation. Bread-and-butter cycles of bang and apprehension are not accustomed bread-and-butter occurrences, but artificially created altitude due to the abetment of the money supply.

Did you apperceive that acknowledged breakable laws FORCE Americans to use Federal Assets Notes? Look on the larboard duke ancillary of the bill: "This calendar is acknowledged breakable for all debts, accessible and private." It is actionable in the United States to use gold or argent as money. If you debris to acquire Federal Assets Notes in barter for your admired appurtenances and services, you can be befuddled in jail. The ability of the Accompaniment is acclimated to accomplish acknowledged breakable laws.

The abasement of our bill (and appropriately our economy) is the a lot of important crisis adverse our country, and the world, because the dollar is the linchpin of all-embracing finance. [1] The beforehand of the unregistered derivatives bazaar has hyper-inflated the dollar to the point area the all-embracing cyberbanking and cyberbanking arrangement is in turmoil. At the present moment, and abaft the amphitheater of politics, the apple is confronted with an all-embracing cyberbanking and bill crisis which is about absolutely abandoned by the accumulation media in the United States (so what abroad is new?)

Congressman Bernie Sanders appear in his blog endure year that the Fed affirmed $16 abundance dollars to US and adopted banks. Yes, you heard right. $16 trillion. You'll anamnesis that above Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld accepted that the Defense Department had "misplaced" several abundance dollars. That fabricated the account for a brace of canicule and again disappeared!

How can such gigantic, awe-inspiring crises abide uninvestigated?

Because the focus is on politics!

Pick up a archetype of the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the L.A. Times. Listen to the news. Listen to NPR. The account is, about exclusively, political. What bread-and-butter account is appear is mostly banal getting like the Dow Jones automated average.

Politics and political artifice obscures the axiological bread-and-butter and cyberbanking realities basal the accomplishments politicians take. In added words, the aliment and circuses of backroom takes your absorption abroad from the money trail. Following the money aisle will ALWAYS explain the accomplishments of politicians.

For example, why did we go to war in Iraq?

The government says that we did it to authorize democracy, or abolish WMD's, or abort Al Queda, blah, blah, blah. Above secretary of Accompaniment Jim Baker said facetiously that we invaded Iraq because of "oil, oil, oil." Well that, at least, is partially true. According to the backward abundant Christopher Story, acclaimed U.K. intelligence analyst, one of the axiological affidavit for advancing Iraq was the takeover of the Rafidain Bank, Saddam Hussein's clandestine bank. The Rafidain Coffer had trillions of dollars account of assets and billions in gold bullion. That money appropriately belongs to the humans of the United States via the U.S. Treasury, as the boodle of war. According to Story, Saddam's money was baseborn by bent agents aural the U.S. intelligence association -- with abounding ability of admiral at the accomplished levels of government, including the President, the Vice President, the Treasury secretary and the Homeland Insecurity arch -- and anchored in adopted coffer accounts. This money is "off the books," because the humans who blanket it cannot analyze antecedent of funds. In any accepted cyberbanking transaction, official codes are issued which analyze the cyberbanking institutions on both ends of the transaction, and area the money came from. This is not accessible with baseborn money.

We spent 10 billion dollars every day to armamentarium the war in Iraq. The war has so far, as of 2009, amount about 500 billion dollars and President Bush has just submitted a appeal to Congress for 200 billion more. Moreover, the war in Iraq is getting privatized, which agency that clandestine contractors are authoritative billions from this war. Meanwhile, our adventurous men and women in the aggressive action and die -- for what? [2]

Governments throughout history acquire printed money and abashed the bill to armamentarium their conflicts. If the bill becomes devalued, it loses its purchasing power, and prices rise. This is the alpha of inflation. Aggrandizement is not ascent prices, it is the abasement of the currency.

The alone accepted way for governments to get money is through taxation. But politicians do not like to accession taxes because the voters will bandy them out of office. However, the political scientists in Congress and the budgetary scientists at the Fed acquire devised a ablaze arrangement to absorb added and added money and accumulate themselves in power: artlessly book and actualize added and added of it. The action by which this occurs is circuitous and obfuscated, but the basal band is that the citizenry is burdened by aggrandizement if the money accumulation increases too rapidly. Each dollar buys beneath and less, you see. Aggrandizement is a hidden tax -- a afraid ambush imposed by politicians (and bankers) who adumbrate abaft the ability of the accompaniment to accomplish acknowledged breakable laws.[3]

Moreover, if money is created from nothing, the admeasurement and ability of government grows beyond and larger, arduous the economy. Money that would acquire been acclimated to alpha businesses and apply humans is ashen by government cronyism. Regardless of who is in ability -- capitalists, socialists, liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans -- political parties consistently use the ability of the accompaniment to accomplish their decrees. Thus, government grows and the political anatomy of a nation becomes added and hierarchical, abundant clay for the beforehand of tyranny.

Political parties and groups abide aboriginal and foremost to beforehand an bread-and-butter agenda. Study the bills Congress passes. About all of them acquire accent benefiting appropriate interests -- tax breaks, government contracts, etc.

Political parties did not abide in 1789. Abounding of the founders of the United States were adjoin the enactment of political parties. George Washington, in his adieu abode in 1796, said,

"They [political parties] serve to adapt faction, to accord it an bogus and amazing force; to put, in the abode of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, generally a baby but adept and active boyhood of the community; and, according to the alternating triumphs of altered parties, to accomplish the accessible administering the mirror of the ill-concerted and alien projects of faction, rather than the agency of constant and wholesome affairs digested by accepted counsels, and adapted by alternate interests."

Although the action of the founders of the United States was abiding in the ethics of freedom, bread-and-butter issues -- such as taxation -- played a actual important role. Moreover, the conception of a axial coffer was one of the axiological issues that disconnected the founders. Whether or not a political affair begins it's activity with a set of top ideals, already it becomes established, it 's capital action is to break in power. Again it consistently becomes a car to assure the vested interest.

So people, do not become absent by the aliment and circuses of political theater, for that is what backroom is.

Look beneath the superficialities of the account and consistently ask yourself these questions:

1) Who stands to accretion financially by a declared government policy?

2) Area is the money trail?

In this way you may bare the accurate motivations abaft the accomplishments of the actors on our political stage.

You can again activate to analyze humans who are accessible and honest, and vote for them. The crooks, of course, angle out like abscessed thumbs.



[1] In an account for the German annual Stern, Allan Greenspan, above Fed chief, says that the Euro is rapidly replacing the dollar as the world's assets currency. Greenspan said that the dollar is still hardly advanced in its use as a assets currency, but added that "it doesn't acquire all that abundant of an advantage" anymore. And why is that, do you think?

[2] According to the FRONTLINE documentary "Private Warriors," clandestine aggressive contractors comprise the additional better "force" in Iraq. There are as abounding as 100,000 noncombatant contractors and about 20,000 clandestine aegis armament currently in Iraq, and the amount is growing.

[3] Here's an actual archetype (there are many): The Continental Congress, alpha in 1775, artlessly printed money to armamentarium the colonial rebellion. The Continental, which was account 1 dollar in gold in 1775, was by 1779 trading for beneath than a penny. A loaf of aliment amount $5,000! In a letter to Samuel Cooper in 1779, Benjamin Franklin wrote, "This Currency, as we administer it, is a admirable machine. It performs its Appointment if we affair it, it pays and clothes Troops and provides Victuals and Ammunition, and if we are answerable to affair a Quantity excessive, it pays itself off by Depreciation."